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When Courtney met Krishna - channelling the Hindu deity, and his chilling warning about 2020

April 26, 2020

My guest, Courtney Beck, has an utterly fascinating story that incorporates many timely gems of wisdom regarding the current pandemic. For Courtney, a dark night of the soul led to a spiritual awakening that completely overhauled her life. Courtney went from being a strategist in the highest echelons of the corporate world, to a healer, coach and channel for the Hindu deity Krishna. That bond between them led to the channelled book, Conversations with Krishna, the first of three books they would publish together. Here's part of Courtney’s bio:

"Courtney Beck appeared to have it all. She worked in advertising as a well- respected and well-paid strategist for some of the world's top brands and after years of climbing the corporate ranks, Courtney finally attained her dream position. She had a wonderful family, a close circle of friends and lived in a beautiful home by the water on Sydney harbour.

Just shy of Courtney's thirty-fifth birthday and only two months into the role she had worked her entire career to land, she experienced what those in the spiritual world know as “The Dark Night of the Soul,” a time of unexpected and unplanned deep introspection when we question our very purpose here on earth. A divine voice called out to her asking her to pursue a path she never imagined. The problem for Courtney was that this deeply personal transformation was not easy to explain to her loved ones, nor was there a box for it on a company form. She could ignore it and continue down the traditional path she had trod or she could answer “The Call” knowing that life as she knew it would change forever."

That’s just the beginning. Settle in for a truly mind-stretching conversation encompassing Courtney’s introduction to Krishna, and how he told her in 2016 about the “rebalancing” that would change everything in 2020. Among other eerily prescient warnings, Krishna said all of the planes would land this year. Talk about goosebumps ... Enjoy my conversation with the warm, wise and delightful Courtney Beck.

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