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“We need to learn that we don’t die” - soulmates Ana & Jorge’s exciting “new” chapter

December 21, 2020

Karina Machado speaks with Spanish-born Sydneysider Jorge Golvano. On June 11, 2020, Jorge’s soul mate Ana died of breast cancer. Her "transformation," as Jorge calls it, opened the way to an entirely new existence for Jorge, an IT specialist who had no prior interest whatsoever in spiritual matters. In fact, he still says he’s not spiritual, even though he has conversations with Ana every day, and Ana cleverly makes use of electronic equipment to communicate as she understands that’s a medium Jorge is comfortable with.

It’s an intriguing and life-affirming story which includes an amazing evidential story involving a strand of Ana's hair, among many other communications from her. Suffice to say that their enduring love is another beautiful example of how, as Jorge succinctly puts it, “we never stop being.”

Oh, and one more thing. It was Ana who wanted Jorge to come on the show. In a Spirit Sisters first, she even orchestrated phenomena in my home that, in retrospect, we worked out was her way of green-lighting our conversation. Enjoy my conversation with Jorge Golvano.


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