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The death-defying power of love - how little Tom returned to comfort his mum after tragedy struck

September 4, 2020

Karina Machado speaks with the courageous and open-hearted Michelle McLaughlin, a nurse and mother of three from Sydney who shares a very moving story about the after-life contact she had with her gorgeous little boy, Tom, who was 4 when he tragically passed away in a road accident in 2014. His loss led to Michelle launching The Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation, in honour of her beautiful boy and as a means to prevent further tragedies of the kind that took Tom’s life.

In our conversation, Michelle talks openly about the profound spiritual experience involving her late grandfather on the morning of Tom’s death, about the spirit encounters Tom himself reported in the months leading up to the accident, and the many ways he offered precious signs of his presence afterward. Notably, this includes the time Michelle woke up and saw Tom by her bedside, looking solid as life.

There’s also a wonderful story about a dream Tom’s sister, Sophie, had, a couple of months after he passed, which, as the then-seven-year-old told her mum, made her feel good.

My hope is that this episode helps to lift your spirits too, especially if you too have lost a child and are familiar with the kind of grief Michelle takes us into in such a raw way in this conversation. Remember, if you need support, you can contact Lifeline in Australia on 13 11 14.

Ultimately, this is a life-affirming story about the bonds of family and the death-defying power of love.


Learn more about Michelle’s foundation, Little Blue Dinosaur at the website.

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Email Michelle at Michelle@littlebluedinosaur.org

I Carry Your Heart,” the poem by E.E. Cummings that Michelle discusses.


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