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“She was the angel of death and birth”: Jo’s NDE, miraculous healing and stunning past-life revelations

July 12, 2020

Karina Machado speaks with Josephine Martorana-Nicotra, a spiritual light worker, tarot counsellor and healer who lives in Sydney. I met Jo at a meeting of IANDS, the international association of near-death studies. She began to share a little of her story with me and I was absolutely stunned by what I was hearing.

Jo shares an astounding story that encompasses a near-death experience, an angelic visitation, past-life revelations, a miraculous physical healing and much more. Jo’s NDE was the culmination of a severe illness she developed as part of PTSD caused by a traumatic incident that took place while she was studying for her PhD in Science Education.

This near-death experience is unlike any I’ve ever heard or read about, and its ramifications are still unfolding, 22 years later, with the most recent piece of the puzzle falling into place last year. I’m beyond excited to introduce Josephine. If you’re fascinated by the idea of past lives, this episode for you.


Contact Josephine at Jo's Harmony Healing: 0490 215 549


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