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“I hear the leaves laughing” - Part 2 with Crisdon Chaisson, on the gifts of her NDE

May 22, 2021

Part two of my intriguing conversation with Canadian near-death experiencer Crisdon Chaisson.

If you haven’t yet listened to part one of my conversation with Crisdon, you’ll want to scroll back and press play on that episode first, so that you can listen to Crisdon recount every fascinating detail of her 2003 NDE, a captivating story which, I’m honoured to say, she is sharing publicly for the first time.  

In this episode, Crisdon talks about the challenges of integrating her experience upon her return to life, the gifts she came back with, her communication with plants and animals, astral travel and lucid dreaming, the “downloads” from the Collective that she continues to receive, and so much more. It’s a deep dive. As Crisdon says, the awakening of consciousness is not merely “a revolution, but the next evolution” of humanity.

Now, without further ado, here’s part two of my conversation with near-death experiencer, mother of three, death doula and all round fabulous woman, Crisdon Chaisson.

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