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Healed by Mother Mary

December 13, 2019

Today's episode of Spirit Sisters features two of the most important figures in the Christmas story. You'll be stunned when you hear who appeared in my guest's bedroom one night, and how that visit transformed her life. Laura Neeson reached out to me with the generous intention of sharing that astoundingly beautiful encounter - the pinnacle of her lifetime of extraordinary experiences - because she wants to pass on her powerful message of hope and healing to everyone. 

Fittingly, for a story as miraculous as this one, something wonderful happened as we recorded the interview, which you'll hear about in the course of the episode. This was the first time something like this had ever happened during a recording, and the shock in my voice says it all ...

I treasure this conversation with Laura, which reminds us of the healing power of sharing our stories, and about the ways we’re transformed when we decide to acknowledge our ever-present connection with a force greater than ourselves. We could call that force the creative, life-affirming power of Love.

Enjoy this amazing story of despair, of finding faith and hope, of a pilgrimage and an extraordinary encounter one night when all hope seemed lost.


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