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Fairies, frights and ghosts galore - a gifted Scotswoman’s haunted life

November 17, 2019

Scottish-born, and with a lifetime of mysterious experiences behind her, Faye Young says clairvoyance runs in her family and that, being of Celtic descent, she has always considered her mediumship to be an everyday part of life.

Faye, who lives on Australia's Sunshine Coast, studied English Literature at the University of Queensland before giving that up to become a full-time carer for her mother. Today, she is busy writing a book about her lifetime of enchanting, moving and, yes, occasionally terrifying, experiences. From a childhood brush with fairies to living in haunted houses around the world, and the healing visit from her mum Faye calls “the main experience of my life,” listeners are in for a treat.

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Potto Hall, where Faye lived with her "house ghost," Mr Strickland, on the estate's servant quarters.

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