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A Conversation With Jesus

February 8, 2020

When Pauline had a near-death experience after a fall at the age of 11, her spirit left her body and rose high up into the air – she even remembers feeling how “freezing cold” the clouds were. “I had this self-awareness that all of the layers of anxiety are gone, everything’s gone, and I’m just my pure self,” recalls Pauline, today a counsellor and artist living in Adelaide, Australia.

Next came “the bliss of the light,” as Pauline describes it. But the otherworldly experience was only beginning for Pauline, who soon found herself face to face with a smiling young man who radiated love she knew to be Jesus. Mesmerised by this being who “looked like a hippie,” as Pauline puts it, she listened, entranced, as he shared his gentle wisdom with her:

“He explained the oneness to me, that everyone was equal in his eyes.”

“It’s about focus – if you look through loving eyes, you can create a beautiful life.”

“He told me plainly that everyone is given life to learn to love – and that includes ourselves.”

 There is much, much more, as you’ll hear in the first instalment of this special two-part interview with Pauline. I am so thrilled to share this episode with you! Enjoy the show.


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