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“The tragedy of Jamie passing was also a catalyst for me to step up” – Part 2 with Shayne Wallace, on how she found a path to healing following her teenage son’s tragic death

August 1, 2021

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Now, this week is the conclusion of my conversation with Shayne Wallace, whose story I first told in my book Spirit Sisters more than a decade ago. Shayne’s son Jamie tragically died at age 16 in 2007. If you haven’t listened to part one, please scroll down to episode 50 and listen to that first.

Today, in part two, Shayne takes us full circle, sharing more about the ways Jamie lets her and his loved ones know he’s with them, the way he’s taken on a “guardian” role for his family, including the day he saved Shayne from a terrifying would-be carjacker, that’s a cracker of a story, and, powerfully, Shayne talks candidly about the journey of healing she’s been on since losing her boy.

Our conversation embraces what Shayne’s learned about self-forgiveness, the importance of being kinder to herself and what she’s come to understand about the pivotal role Jamie’s passing played in leading her to break the pattern of inter-generational trauma that had poisoned her family tree.

Stick around until the end as Shayne, who’s considering becoming a grief counsellor, offers hard-learnt, heartfelt, words of wisdom for parents grieving the loss of a child.

Enjoy my conversation with the generous, humble and insightful Shayne Wallace.


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