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The Light, the Beings and the Life Review – Part 2 with psychic-medium Lynda Cramer, and her amazing near-death experience

August 15, 2020

In part two of a double episode featuring Brisbane author and psychic-medium Dr Lynda Cramer, Karina Machado speaks to Lynda about her amazing near-death experience.

If you haven’t listened to part one yet, I encourage to scroll down to the episode below this one and press play to hear Lynda sharing all about her experiences with ghosts, spirits, phone calls from Heaven, and much more.

As I mentioned in the introduction to that episode, that show was full of unexplained sounds, chatter and other anomalies, almost as if an alternative conversation was going on in the background to ours. This episode is no different, as you’re about to find out.

What really counts, however, is the story Lynda shares about her near-death experience in 2001. There’s so much to this: from her understanding of the oneness that underpins all life as she spent time in a majestic landscape she calls Home, to her intricately detailed life review and meeting with a trio of light beings as well as an ancestor who was something of a kindred spirit. Stay tuned until the end as Lynda shares her understanding about what really matters in life, and how to bring Heaven to Earth.

Lynda also shares candidly about the challenges she’s faced in her life, including domestic violence. If you’re experiencing domestic or family violence, please call the national free counselling service 1800RESPECT or visit their website, 1800respect.org.au.


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