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Painting the Angelic Choir – In 1996, the Angels issued an invitation to Kayt Raymond. She said Yes – and so began an extraordinary partnership

September 12, 2021

Welcome to Spirit Sisters, with Karina Machado.

My guest today is intuitive and angel communicator, Kayt Raymond. Kayt studied piano, clarinet, voice and choral conducting at the Conservatorium in Newcastle, Australia, and later on scholarship at the University of Washington in Seattle, USA. It was here that she met Jean, a spiritual mentor who revealed that angels had told her about Kayt’s arrival a year earlier. Jean even showed Kayt the page in her spiritual journal where she’d documented the message. All a hint, perhaps, that the angels had great plans in store for the young Australian musician.

Kayt went on to work as a corporate executive and later as a consultant based in Sydney.

In 1996, Kayt met a group of Angels and her life was transformed. They invited her to connect with them and paint them. Though not an artist she began to paint with these beings and was taught how to commune and co-create with them as colleagues and friends.

It’s such a fascinating story – a musician turned corporate high-flyer who accepts the Angels’ invitation, even if it means having to start from scratch learning how to paint as well as somehow making this new calling fit in with her everyday life.

Enjoy my conversation with Kayt Raymond. At the end, Kayt shares a beautiful message from the angels that she received just for us. It’s very special.


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